Financial Process Outsourcing(FPO)

Financial Process Outsourcing department will work as Professional liasoning agent that support Risk Management and Fraud Protection Strategies between the Client and Commercial banks , Finance & Leasing Companies , Potential investors , Fund Managers and individual organsiations.

Our financial process outsourcing services will provide Timely, Accurate and Reliable results to meet the requirements for all concerned ar a minimum costs.

The following will be our Financial outsourcing services:

Critical review of corporate financial statements, Analysis of financial statements , - monthly , quarterly and annual management reports . Adhoc reports, Industry reports , Financial ratio analysis, break even analysis , NPV and IRR analysis , Management reports using operations research techniques in evaluating process.

Benefits of our Financial outsourcing services will be as follows:

Decision making process will be reliable and will improve the financial health of the organization . Cost savings will be in the region of 10- 30% and will increase the profitability of the organization . organization will become more competitive in the market . Transparency and regulatory compliance will benefit the entire financial system . Knowledge management will improve the net profit of the organization. Hiring of our Financial expert services will improve the image of the organization in the market , Bankers , Finance Companies , Government departments both in Sultanate f of Oman and Overseas countries.